Kate Quickly-Pistol

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Fictional off-spring of fictional characters. The non-existent daughter of Mistress Quickly and Pistol from Shakespeare's Falstaff plays. Or the result of seeing the RSC's Merry Wives the Musical too many times. You pick.

With my fictions posted here: as I don't write with children in mind the stories in terms of concepts, themes and character attitudes should generally be considered to have a rating of 15. Anything requiring a higher rating for whatever reason will be noted with the fiction in question.

In short, just here for fictional pursuits.

Reality notices: I'm an academic between degrees (BFA and MA finished, waiting a bit before the PhD) who works as a librarian (and occasional lecturer) in London. A lady never reveals her age but suffice to say I'm old enough to have two degrees and lecture undergraduate students, so I'm older than them (and they're 18 when they start).