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Kate Quickly-Pistol
02 March 2009 @ 19:15
I can feel a Mary Poppins fic starting. I don't yet know what it's going to be about, when it will be set, who will wander in and out of it or anything really. Just a feeling that a story is coming. It's been brewing for some time, on 19 February I had this to say:

I'm starting to have the stirrings of my need to write Poppins-fic again. I know it's coming from the roleplay forum I dabble in and the product of it will probably only wind up there, but... It looks like Bert may be about to join my thread. It's a very film-centric Bert and my Mary is quite anti-film so I'm not sure how well they're going to mesh. In any case it will be a good writing challenge for me (I hope, my main reason for doing this is to keep my skills up). I do wonder if it might just frustrate me, though, not being able to control every nuance of their relationship, going up against a Bert who is not exactly-how-I-see-him-thank-you-Gavins mine. It might lead to more fic, if I wind up needing an outlet. It might not. For anyone with a vague interest in seeing how the roleplay is going to date, it's here. It's not the most exciting or interesting of things, but it does the job of keeping my Mary-mind running, even if only a little, rather than letting it slip into the filing catacombs of my brain. We'll just have to see what happens, I suppose.

I now know there is going to be fic, probably sometime soon, but it will depend on how quickly the story takes shape. Tiny fragments of it are starting to stand out from the general fiction cloud in my brain but they don't yet make sense. There's something in Mary and Bert's past. There might be a scene with Sandy. There will probably be an unusual location at some point. Bits of 'The Girl in the Fireplace' from Doctor Who, 'While I, weary traveller, must always take the slower path' are floating around. It might well depart completely from the given convetions of the stories in the way Galleries did. I don't know yet.

But it's going to happen. Watch this space.



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